April 22 – 24

Tampa Bay Seafood & Music Festival

The Tampa Bay Seafood & Music Festival returns to the Curtis-Hixon Waterfront Park on April 22-24, 2022. Hours are Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. 

This outstanding music and food event is prepared like a great meal, incorporating and blending the finest ingredients. Menu items are freshly-cooked onsite incorporating a variety of delicious ingredients (seafood, meat and vegetarian). Select from a diversity of side dishes and scrumptious desserts. Quench your thirst from a broad menu of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and both fruit and soft drinks.

Another component of the event is a Marketplace showcasing handmade arts and crafts along with a selection of fine products and gourmet food items.

While enjoying your meal and drinks, be caressed by the sounds of live musical performances on stage by some of Florida’s and the region’s top musical talents in a diversity of genres. Performers in the ‘family’ of musical talents typically found at Paragon seafood and music festivals include such amazing musicians and bands as: the Sarasota Steel Pan Band (Caribbean), CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion (blues, soul, roots), the Caribbean Chillers (Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band), Black Honkeys (rock, soul), Reverend Barry & The Funk (soul, funk), the Bob Marley Tribute Band featuring Yvad (reggae), Mike Tozier (blues, rock, variety), the Billy Rice Band (country rock), Unlimited Devotion (Grateful Dead Inspired), and the U.S. Stones (Rolling Stones Tribute Band).  

For event specifics in 2022, please check back here on the website for the updated list of performers and their performance times (aka: our Performance Schedule). It will be posted in the column to the right. 

Between musical performances enjoy shopping a marketplace of handmade fine art, crafts, gourmet food items and specialty products. 

This is the palette we lay for you. Come join us for a weekend of delicious food and drinks, music and shopping at the Tampa Bay Seafood & Music Festival. We look forward to seeing you!

NOTE: No pets are allowed on the site during the event hours.

NOTE: Bands and showtimes subject to change.

Please check back prior to the event

for the most updated performance schedule.

Driving Directions

GPS Address: 600 N. Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL

From I-75

  • Take exit 261 to merge onto I-4 west toward Tampa
  • Use the 2nd from the right lane to take the I-275 S exit toward St. Petersburg/Tampa International Airport
  • Keep right to continue on Exit 45A, follow signs for Downtown west
  • Keep left, follow signs for Ashley Drive
  • Keep left to continue toward N. Ashley Drive
  • Continue onto N. Ashley Drive
  • Destination will be on the right
From I-275 South
  • Head east on Exit 44
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Ashley Drive
  • Keep left to continue toward N. Ashley Drive
  • Continue onto N. Ashley Drive
  • Destination will be on the right
Parking Information


  1. Fort Brooke Garage – 107 N. Franklin Street
  2. South Regional Garage – 301 Channelside Drive
  3. Twiggs Garage – 901 E. Twiggs Street
  4. William F. Poe Garage – 800 N. Ashley Drive
  5. Whiting Garage – 400 E. Whiting Street
  6. Tampa Convention Center – 400 E. Whiting Street

Parking Lots

  • 7 … Selmon Expy West Lot – 201 S. Tampa Street
  • 8 … Selmon Expy Bill Changer Lot – 202 S. Tampa Street
  • 9 … Selmon Expy CAMLS Lot – 301 S. Florida Avenue
  • 10 … Selmon Expy 2 Lot – 310 S. Florida Avenue
  • 11 … Selmon Expy 3 Lot – 302 S. Morgan Street
  • 12 … Selmon Expy 4 Lot – 317 S. Jefferson Street
  • 13 … Selmon Expy 5 Lot – 114 S. Jefferson Street
  • 14 … Selmon Expy South Lot – 853 E. Whiting Street
  • 15 … Selmon Expy Health Lot – 440 N. Nebraska Avenue
  • 16 … Selmon Expy East Lot – 481 N. Nebraska Avenue
  • 17 … Selmon Expy Union Station Lot – 1010 E. Twiggs Street
  • 18 … Interstate Lots – N. Tampa Street & N. Morgan Street under I-275
  • 19 … Regional-Royal Lot – 1200 N. Tampa Street
  • 20 … Zack Street Lot – 812 E. Zack Street
  • 22 … Pierce Street Lot – 1301 N. Pierce Street

Dates & Times

  • Friday, 4:00 pm
    – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday, 11:00 am
    – 10:00 pm
  • Sunday, 11:00 am
    – 6:00 pm




Entertainment Directory

  • Hummingbirds
  • Ronnie Dee & The Super Stars
  • Sean Chambers
  • Selwyn Birchwood
  • Hummingbirds

    .G.:  guitar vocals

    Rachel Woods:  guitar, vocals

    GENRES:  country – blues

    The Hummingbirds are husband-wife team S.G. and Rachel Wood. Born and raised in Detroit, now residing in Tampa, their music is both northern and southern Americana, blending both grit, and self reliance with hospitality, and charm. They play old guitars through old amps, bang drums, and even pluck banjos sometimes. Their live stage chemistry and organic duo harmonies immediately captivate and charm audience members while Rachel’s solid command of rhythm guitar, peppered with S.G.’s thoughtful lead work, keep their songs rolling in true Americana form.

    S.G. and Rachel were fans of classic country music, as well as myriad of other genres when they started their band in the early 2000’s. And while they continue to draw on these influences, what comes out in their own songwriting is a hybrid sound all their own, genuine & playful, earnest & soulful. Their songs twist through tales of loss & heartache, while others whisper sounds of hope, love, and journeys from the road.

    Through the past years, The Hummingbirds have been doing it all. They’ve played for small crowds in smoky bars, and large concert venues for hundreds of people. They present their songs to welcoming audiences at hospitals and intimate house concerts. They enjoy the excitement of singing live on radio and performing at festivals throughout the country. Their enthusiasm for music and songwriting has even lead them to found a songwriting workshop in Northern Michigan for other songwriters passionate about the craft called, “Above The Bridge Songwriter’s Weekend.”

  • Ronnie Dee & The Super Stars

    Performances: Jan 16: 4:30-6pm; Jan. 30: 4:30-6pm; Apr. 22: 4:30-6pm
    • Ronnie Dee:  lead vocals, saxaphone, keyboards
    • A.J. Dee:  vocals, guitar
    • Jamie Lee:  vocals, percussion
    • Andrew Beer:  vocals, keyboards, saxaphone
    • LeMonJello:  bass
    • LeRoy Myers:  vocals, drums


    GENRES:    Funk – Soul – bit of Rock N’ Roll

    In the world and business of the music industry, every artist has a “story”. Only a handful of such can lay claim to a deeper history and pedigree.

    We proudly present “The Superstars” :  a labor of love from Ronnie Dee – to You!

    Who is Ronnie Dee? Son of New Jersey icon Joey Dee, that’s who.  Joey Dee and the Starlighters spawned a multi-million selling song “Peppermint Twist” in 1961. The musicians who performed alongside Joey included Jimi Hendrix (rock and roll hall of fame inductee 1992), The Ronettes..who recorded “Be My Baby” (rock and roll hall of fame inductee 1992) and The young Rascals..”Groovin’”..”Good Lovin” (1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee).

    Ronnie Dee has taken the musical torch from his father, enlisted the efforts of a “whose who” of Tampa Bay (and beyond) musical talent.  Together, we present another amazing chapter of the Dee Family History.  14 tracks of fun ….. and some pretty damn good songs as well!!

    LISTEN UP!!  And SHARE!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Sean Chambers

    Performances: Sun MAR 13: 4:30-6; Fri MAR 18: 8:30-10pm; Sat APR 23: 2:30-4pm; FRI May 13: 8:30-10pm;
    • Sean Chambers:  lead guitar, lead vocals
    • Todd Cook:  bass
    • Andrei Koribanics:  drums
    • Rick Curran:  keyboards

    GENRES:  Blues – Rock

    Florida-born Sean Chambers is an American blues rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Sean began his career in 1998 when he toured with the legendary Hubert Sumlin as his guitarist and band leader until 2003.  During his time with Hubert Sumlin, Sean was named by Britain’s Guitarist Magazine as “one of the top 50 blues guitarists of the last century.”

    His main guitar playing influences are the work of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his early professional music experience was gained while touring for four years backing Hubert Sumlin. Chambers has worked with a variety of amazingly-talented blues musicians.

  • Selwyn Birchwood

    Performances: Sun FEB 27: 4:30-6pm; SAT March 4: 2:30-4pm; FRI April 22: 6:30-8pm;
    • Selwyn Birchwood:  guitar, lead vocals
    • Regi Oliver:  baritone sax

    GENRES:  Electric Swamp Funkin’ Blues

    Groundbreaking young blues visionary Selwyn Birchwood calls his original music “electric swamp funkin’ blues,” defined by raw and soulful musicianship played with fire-and-brimstone fervor. His gritty, unvarnished vocals draw his audience deep inside his unforgettable tales of love, passion, pain and pleasure.  Complementing Selwyn’s electrifying guitar and lap steel playing, the other featured instrument is Regi Oliver’s driving baritone sax. The group is rounded out by bass, drums and, for the first time, keyboards.

    Wanting to capture the power of the now larger band, Birchwood wrote and arranged 13 songs. From the rocking opener “I’d Climb Mountains” to the sweet soul of “She’s A Dime” and “One More Time” to the hair-raising “Revelation, Living in a Burning House” the album features some of the most poignant writing on today’s blues scene. Birchwood’s voice and vision are clear, his sound is edgy and compelling, and his stories are memorable and lasting.

    According to Birchwood, “I tell my stories in my own way, with my own voice. You won’t ever hear me on stage telling someone else’s story. Muddy Waters, B.B. King and John Lee Hooker all told their own stories. That’s what I’m doing.  I write and sing what I know.”

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