Reverend Barry & The Funk
Sarasota, FL 

Phone: (812) 228-9208
Performance Time: OCT 27: 4:30-6 pm; JAN 5: 4:30-6pm; FEB 1: 8:30-10pm; FEB 23: 4:30-6pm; MAR 14: 4:30-6pm; MAR 28: 6:30-8pm; APR 11: 6:30-8pm; APR 25: 8:30-10pm;

Barry Nicholson:  lead vocals, guitar

Chet Gass:  guitar, keyboard, bass, drums

Paul Evers:  drums

Jayar Mack:  lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboard

Yaya Diamond:  vocals

Ray C. Williams:  drums

Chris Chiodo:  trumpet

Don Parker:  trombone


GENRES:  Funk - Soul


Reverend Barry & The Funk are an 8-piece funk band from Sarasota. Formed in 2013 by “Reverend” Barry Nicholson, Chet Gass (guitar) Paul Evers, the band members are huge fans of funky horn-centered bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and Tower of Power. “The decision to start a funk band with a horn section was an easy one”, says Nicholson. “


Barry further adds: “We love funk, especially from the 70’s & 80’s, groups like Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band, Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, The Bar-Kays, The Isley Brothers, Commodores, Lakeside, Kool & The Gang, Zapp, Dazz Band, The Gap Band, James Brown, The Time and Rick James. Nicholson has strong feelings about the importance of a well-crafted song. “It’s not enough just to have a funky groove. We want to write songs that have structure – verses, choruses, bridges, harmonies, tight instrumentation, etc. And yes, every song should have a memorable hook. That’s why we love Earth, Wind & Fire so much. While some funk bands in the 70’s were essentially jamming on tape, EWF was being nominated for 20 Grammys, not for their “funkiness”, but because of the greatness of their songs”.


In looking forward, Barry states that “Our goal is to play in front of large audiences of music lovers – people of all ages, from all over the world. People who love funky, well-written, catchy songs. I believe there will always be an audience for that.”