Ari & the Alibis
Performance Time: OCT 18: 8:30-10:00 pm; OCT 25: 6:30-8 pm; JAN 4: 6:30-8pm; MAR 27: 12:30-2pm;

Ari (pronounced R.E.) and the Alibis is comprised of five members playing music infused with funk, jazz, samba, blues soul and rock.  Their music is vibrant, at time inspiring you to get up and dance while at other times, taking you on a journey through Blues and Soul.  Their talents create a unique recipe of multicultural sound.

Ari and the Alibis is comprised of the musical talents and mastery of Arielleh "Ari" McManus on vocals, Nicolaas Kraster on guitar, James Dabone on trombone, David Whittaker on bass and John "Princess" Walker on drums.