Safety Harbor, FL 

Phone: (727) 942-6277
Performance Time: Jan 28: 4:30-6pm

John Vasalakis:  lead vocals

Rick Moon:  guitar, vocals

Dana Newcomer:  drums

Eddie Pecchio:  bass, vocals

John Zahner:  keyboards, vocals


GENRE:  rock


Boasting the very same members for the past 21 years, Stormbringer effortlessly delivers air-tight renditions of hit songs like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.  A stunning concert act that also possesses a rockin’ catalogue of non-stop party and dance songs, the band provides crowd-pleasing music to perfectly match any large event.


Stormbringer features soaring lead vocals, crisp four-part harmonies, thunderous drums, dramatic keyboards and crunching guitars in their hundred-plus song repertoire.  However, the band has another amazing distinction that sets them apart from others:  Stormbringer is employed by rock’s biggest artists to back them in concern when they don’t use their own band.  Legendary Class Rock heroes hire Stormbringer because the music is reproduced and performed with spot-on accuracy and jaw-dropping precision.