David Chastain Band
Phone: (309) 397-9977
Website: https://www.davechastinband.com
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZZc1-gqyk0&t=20s
Performance Time: SAT Jan 8: 6:30-8pm; SUN Feb 27: 2:30-4pm; SUN March 13: 12:30-2pm; SUN March 20: 12:30-2pm; SUN May 15: 2:30-4pm;

Dave Chastain:  guitar

Chuck Leonard:  guitar

Glenn Flodstrom:  keyboard

Todd Roads:  guitar

Michael Peck:  bass


GENRES:  blues


Dave has developed a style all his own and has written, recorded, and released three albums, "Rockin' Roulette" (1980), "Something for the Pain" (1992), and "The Legacy" (2004-2005). The band also has "Live at the Contemporary Arts Center" (2003).  Dave plows a path between the rootsy and the revolutionary.


Dave is a legendary songwriter who now calls Florida home. He is considered by many to be one of  the best blues guitarist in the industry. It has been said by some that his every performance is a soul stirring, spontaneous healing experience.