Trezz Hombres
Naples, FL 

Phone: (813) 818-1000
Performance Time: Saturday May 15, 2021: 6:30-8pm; Friday May 28, 2021: 8:30-10pm

Rev Johnny B:  guitar, vocals

Dusty Roads:  bass

Rich Beard:  drums


Genre:   ZZ Top Tribute Band


Trezz Hombres is the Ultimate ZZ Top Tribute Band!  Based in Florida, Trezz Hombres is available for shows throughout the Southeast - and more!  Members of Trezz Hombres pay attention to every detail - from the beards, to the trademark ZZ Top attire and musical equipment.  Most of all though, the accurate replication of the music that has entertained millions of people across the world. They have already played some of the biggest outdoor events in the south and many top national venues!  Trezz Hombres is perfect for any corporate event, bike rally, state or county fair, car or bike show, casino, resort, or private events, or any rock venue nationwide.