Double Your Trouble [Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Band]
Sarasota, FL 

Phone: (941) 914-1584
Performance Time: February 22: 6:30-8pm

Randy Stephens:  guitar, lead vocals

Steve Camilleri:  drums

Jessie Stephens:  bass

Ed Kinder:  keyboard


GENRE:  Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Band


The amazing Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute band pays homage to the late legendary blues guitarist. Smokin’ blues guitar riffs, memorable songs, and a high energy show will take you back before 1990 when SRV was at his best playing Great tunes like-"Texas Flood" "The House is Rockin'" "Pride and Joy" "Tightrope" "Little Wing" "Crossfire" "Cold Shot" "Couldn't Stand the Weather"