Bryan Spainhower (Combo Vimana)
Phone: (521) 921-3705
Performance Time: JAN 4: 12:30-2pm; FEB 1: 12:30-2pm; FEB 22: 12:30-2pm; MAR 29: 12:30-2pm; MAY 1: 4:30-6pm; MAY 3: 12:30-2pm;

Bryan Spainhower:  guitar

Max Kelly:  percussion


GENRES:  Musica Eclectica: a combination of flamenco, jazz and rock


Raised between both Colorado and Hawaii, Bryan's influences ranged between the rock and the jazz fusion of the 70's. Bryan moved from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas in 1993 to pursue his music career.  Bryan was a co-founder the pop rock group “Two Minute Sinatra”, that had great success until 2001. After the record company folded, the band disbanded and Bryan searched for a deeper understanding of music, going back to his roots.  In doing so, he started rediscovering artists that had always influenced his life.  Integrating all of these influences, Bryan has combined Nuevo Flamenco along with jazz, rock, fusion and country to create his own unique sound.