The Verge
Performance Time: OCT 20: 4:30-6 pm; OCT 26: 6:30-8 pm; DEC 6; 6:30-8 pm; DEC 14: 6:30-8 pm; JAN 5: 2:30-4pm; JAN 18: 1:30-3pm; JAN 26: 2:30-4pm; FEB 1: 4:30-6pm; FEB 23: 2:30-4pm; MAR 13: 6:30-8pm; MAR 28: 2:30-4pm; APR 10: 4:30-6pm; APR 25: 2:30-4pm; MAY 9: 4:300-6pm;


Tom MacKnight:  lead guitar, lead vocals

Johnny McNulty (aka: “Johnny Mac”):  lead guitar, lead vocals

Randy “Iceman: Lindsay:  bass


GENRE:  Class Rock from 70’s to present


Tom MacKnight “Tommy Mack”, founder and former lead guitarist of The Guilty Pleasures, hails from Norwalk, CT.  Tom has in the past, has been a session and performance guitarist.  Tom will be doing lead vocals along with Johnny and sharing lead guitar duties.


Johnny McNulty “Johnny Mac”, also hails from Norwalk, CT was known for his work in one of the best local bands in Norwalk, Harvann.  Johnny has been a session and performing musician for over 40 years! Since moving to the SWFL area of Florida,  Johnny has been guest playing with a few bands around here but now has a home playing lead guitarist and lead vocals with The Verge!


Randy “Iceman” Lindsay is from Central Virginia and has been a bass instructor, studio musician, and performer. He has even performed with Zakk Wylde in a few guitar clinics. Randy’s solid style and amazing attitude fit perfectly with the music The Verge is playing.