Ronnie Dee & The Super Stars
Tampa, FL 

Performance Time: Jan 16: 4:30-6pm; Jan. 30: 4:30-6pm; Apr. 22: 4:30-6pm

Ronnie Dee:  lead vocals, saxaphone, keyboards

A.J. Dee:  vocals, guitar

Jamie Lee:  vocals, percussion

Andrew Beer:  vocals, keyboards, saxaphone

LeMonJello:  bass

LeRoy Myers:  vocals, drums


GENRES:    Funk - Soul - bit of Rock N’ Roll


In the world and business of the music industry, every artist has a "story". Only a handful of such can lay claim to a deeper history and pedigree.


We proudly present "The Superstars" :  a labor of love from Ronnie Dee - to You!


Who is Ronnie Dee? Son of New Jersey icon Joey Dee, that's who.  Joey Dee and the Starlighters spawned a multi-million selling song "Peppermint Twist" in 1961. The musicians who performed alongside Joey included Jimi Hendrix (rock and roll hall of fame inductee 1992), The Ronettes..who recorded "Be My Baby" (rock and roll hall of fame inductee 1992) and The young Rascals.."Groovin'".."Good Lovin" (1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee).


Ronnie Dee has taken the musical torch from his father, enlisted the efforts of a "whose who" of Tampa Bay (and beyond) musical talent.  Together, we present another amazing chapter of the Dee Family History.  14 tracks of fun ….. and some pretty damn good songs as well!!