Miami, FL 

Website: https://www.tamboka.com/?fbclid=IwAR3nrWUPMwziYoHB_-2nN6QO4SeFEiRRRkbX4vI5zE5w9HgGKxu_tpm7AUk
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMxJ8h-mEcE&list=RDIMxJ8h-mEcE&start_radio=1&t=100
Performance Time: Saturday April 6: 1:30pm - 3pm

Nay Roze:  vocals, electric violin

Tyrone Iregul:  electric nylon guitar

Jorge Tercilla:  upright bass

Abel Morales:  bongos, congas

Darwish Iregul:  Cajon


GENRE:  GypsyLatin - Jungle Jazz - CumbiaSwing



TAMBO = TAMBOR (Percussion) The Heartbeat driving music BOKA= BOCA (Mouth) The Speaker for the Heart

TAMBOKA means Speaking from the heart


Tamboka is a spontaneous combustion of Alma y Oro. This band’s original music uses a wide range of styles such as Cumbia, Swing and Bossa Nova. The Quintet has self-titled their genre as Gypsy-Latin. The band’s instrumentation introduces heavy hand percussion as their driving heart beat, and is complete using upright bass, nylon electric guitar, electric violin and female vocals. TAMBOKA began playing on the streets of Wynwood in 2011 and today continues to thrive as free spirited individuals performing and collaborating in Miami’s best live music venues and events.  Born from the latin grooves of mother’s legs, and the soulful jazz of your sister’s hips, this band is all about speaking from the heart and keeping roots alive through raw passion in music.