Brothers of Others
Miami, FL 

Performance Time: Sunday April 7: 12:30-2 pm;

Derek Cintron:  Vocals, bass, guitar, drums

Vic Kingsley:  Vocals, guitar, bass, drums

Joshua Stedman:  Vocals, drums, guitar, bass


GENRES:  Blues - Soul - Rock


Brothers of Others are a rock & roll trio based in Miami Beach, FL. The group averages 180 performances each year ranging from festivals and clubs, to baseball stadiums like Fenway Park. Whether it is the Star Spangled Banner at a ballpark, an energetic acoustic show or an original composition, audiences are engaged and entertained. Live performances showcase each individual member's musicianship as they rotate effortlessly between instruments.


In their recent release titled Space (2017) available on iTunes and a previous album titled Songs of Ours (2014), the band's music evokes the energy and flair of great American and British rock bands. 


Brothers of Others win over audiences by pouring all of their energy into every performance. The band regularly plays four-hour shows. They even hold a personal record of a full length show, plus two and a half hours of encores, and no breaks...yep, six and a half hours of rock and roll to soothe the soul.