Love Alive [Heart Tribute Band]
Tampa, FL 

Performance Time: Saturday March 2, 2019: 3:30-5pm

Gary Hamrick:  keyboards, guitar

Dave Wrenn:  drums

Dennis Strong:  vocals, bass

Terry Carter:  vocals, guitar

JD “Nancy”:  vocals, guitar

Keturah Allyson “Ann”:  vocals


GENRE:  Heart Tribute Band


Few tribute bands are able to provide as genuine and faithful a musical tribute as Love Alive, the Ultimate Heart Tribute.  Love Alive performances are marked by an exquisite level of musicianship that translates into a dedicated performance so close to those on the original Heart albums it must be heard to be believed.  The chemistry between the musicians, especially Keturah Allyson and JD, Love Alive’s “Ann and Nancy Wilson” respectively, translates into a natural, dynamic tribute.  Keturah Allyson bears a striking visual resemblance to Ann WIlson, and delivers an outstandingly genuine tribute to Heart with a good deal of her own passion and power.  JD embodies the essence of Nancy Wilson from her appearance, to her mannerisms, to her impressive guitar skills.


Each member of LOVE ALIVE is a veteran musician that brings their talent, skill and knowledge of their particular instrument to LOVE ALIVE to recreate the look, sound, and excitement of the band HEART.