Carly Jo Jackson
Performance Time: FEB 8: 2:30-4pm; APR 11: 4:30-6pm;

GENRE:   Indie - Pop - Rock

Indie acoustic pop/rock artist Carly Jo Jackson has a vocal tone that is as infectious as her charismatic stage presence.  Her voice turns heads and her energetic stage performance invites the audience to stay for more, whether at small intimate venues or large concert stages such as Milwaukee's 2018 Summerfest.  She has appeared on national television and has had her music featured in commercials and short films.    She released her first EP "World at My Feet" while in high school.  In college in south Florida she released her critically acclaimed coming-of-age single “Wildflower” which led her fans to call themselves her “Wildflowers”.  She has been recording and performing full time ever since.  Her recordings, including her sophomore EP "Color Show" released in 2016 and several singles released in 2017 and 2018, have focused on her singer/songwriter side as well as collaborations in country and pop, but in 2019 she will be releasing new music  to capture her dynamic indie-rock style that has been receiving critical acclaim with her live performances.  Music blogger Rara's Farm counted Carly as one of the top performers at the 2018 Florida Music Festival and described her as "a dynamic performer who drips with charisma, and is quite comfortable fronting her band.  She has a powerful, gritty voice and continues to grow as a performer.