Billy Rice Band
Sarasota, FL 34249

Phone: (941) 347-4500
Performance Time: JAN 14: 6:30-8pm;

Billy Rice:  lead vocals, guitar

Allan Marnie

Gary Guzzardo:  

Mark G. Miller:  

Genre:  Country - Rock

The Billy Rice Band is a blending of several wonderful musicians over the years. The current incarnation has Allan Marnie on bass, a band member since The Flying Dog days.  Al is a master of multiple music genre and has helped lead the Billy Rice Band to their current playlist containing numerous country tunes. 

The drummer, Gary Guzzardo, also is a veteran, having played with Marshal Tucker back in the days and doing studio work with Danny Toler, Gary also has been the drummer for Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio. It’s obvious when you watch him play that he is having a great time!

Mark Miller is the most recent addition to the band joining 1½  years ago. He has been a guitarist for many years, developing a massive repertoire of music to draw from. Mark has a great singing voice and along with his amazing guitar playing really enhances the Billy Rice Band. 

As a result of this blending of talents, this band has a well-polished sound playing several genres equally well. You will enjoy them whether dancing to or just sitting and listening to. While you may recognize some of the songs they play, you will be surprised by music you rarely hear and then you will also hear songs you’ve never heard - because they are original songs written by Billy!