Phone: (941) 224-3429
Performance Time: October 18: 4:30-6 pm; January 26: 12:30-2pm;

Scott Murphy:  lead vocals

Ryan Fridley:  bass, vocals

Keith “Jedi Ed” Loch:  guitar, vocals

Jeff Zanecki:  drums, vocals

Genre:  pop, rock, country, oldies


TRIGGERFISH is a group of veteran musicians from Sarasota. A high energy band that prides themselves on playing a wide mix of music from Pop, Rock, Country and Classics. With thunderous bass and drums, screaming guitar leads, soaring lead vocals and 3-part harmonies, they are a fun to watch perform live. 


Band members include Scott Murphy, originating from a family of musicians, has amassed over 20 years experience playing and singing with various bands including Vanilla Ice, Montgomery Gentry and Tantric.  Keith “Jedi Ed” Loch has played guitar professionally for the past 30 years, having toured the world as part of the U.S. Navy Band.  Jedi Ed brings a unique, high-energy playing style that meshes his love of Jazz, Fusion and Rock & Roll.  Ryan Fridley is one heck of a bass player with a great ear for music.  He has played with bands from Indiana to Orlando.  And then there is Jeff Zanecki!  Before migrating to the Sunshine State, Jeff played the LA music scene with three different bands.  A native of Maryland, Jeff bring outstanding drum chops and an impeccable meter along with a wonderful singing voice.