Big Night Out
Phone: (941) 350-3635
Performance Time: DEC 7: 12:30-2 pm; JAN 19: 12:30-2pm; JAN 24: 6:30-8pm; FEB 2: 12:30-2pm; MAY 2: 6:30-8pm; MAY 10: 2:30-4pm; MAY 23: 2:30-4pm;

Bruce Glasberg:  Leader, trombone

Frank Alvarez:  vocals, guitar, bass, percussion

Keith Green:  vocals, trumpet

Luis Alberto Rodriguez:  drums, percussion

Tony Sheppard:  guitar

Paul Cartwright:  drums

Max Kelly:  percussion

Joni Adno:  lead vocals, keyboard


Genre:  Latin Funk - Motown  - R&B Dance Music


Big Night Out is a variety dance band which performs Latin, R&B and Island dance music. The band’s lineup includes the area’s top musicians including a powerful horn section and grooving conga complementing the commanding vocals of Frank Alverez. Over the past decade, Big Night Out has become one of southwest Florida’s most in-demand dance bands.