David Smash Band
Sarasota, FL 34230

Website: http://www.davidsmash.net
Video: https://www.facebook.com/pg/davidsmashmusic/videos/?ref=page_internal#
Performance Time: Sunday January 22, 2017 at 10:30 am - noon

David Smash is a Lithuanian-born musician, composer, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, the only known performer forging a successful career as an innovative blues rock / Americana who was born and raised in Lithuania. Born in 1992, David has been in United States only since 2012. He has appeared on national television in Europe and headlined major music festivals in Lithuania and Poland. 


David started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Drums, bass, piano, xylophone and harmonica followed shortly after. He was heavily inspired by a blues CD his dad bought in Germany entitled "Blues Giants Vol. 2", a compilation of blues songs from John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, BB King, Etta James, Memphis Slim, and the alike. David says, “It was magic. That CD with those songs was like having an invitation letter to Hogwarts. Not only the music was captivating and enchanting, they were singing in this amazing language, and they lived in this distant part of the world that I've only seen on television.” 


The David Smash Band is an unforgettable experience in musical showmanship and guitar artistry. With his uncommon seven string guitar and original style of contemporary, blues, rock, jazz, country and ethnic styles all put into one , David will leave you coming back for more.