Greg Billings Band
Performance Time: Saturday March 25 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

The Greg Billings Band is a continuation of a phenomenon that began when popular 80’s Florida band Romeo signed to Epic Records and released its first album after a name change to Stranger.  Stranger continued to win huge crowds around the southeast with an electrifying stage show and a roster of fun and hook-laden original songs. Greg Billings and Tom King were original members of Stranger and were there through it all.


By mid 2003 Greg felt a calling to run his own band and struck out to form what is now the Greg Billings Band.  He recruited Clearwater studio owner and producer George Harris for guitar duties, who has worked in the studio with such notables as Rick Derringer, Cheap Trick, and the members of Paul McCartney’s band.  Keyboardist Rob Stoney, fresh back from touring gigs in Nashville that included a stint with the very successful Warren Brothers Band signed on, and soon to follow was original Stranger bassist Tom King. In early 2014 Greg reached out to Mark Busto  and his old mate Kyle Ashley from the Damn the Torpedoes. The band’s material turned back to more of a rock edge with twin guitars, and additional classic Stranger material has been recently returned to the set list.